Everything on our menu is available for dine-in, carry-out or catering (alcoholic drinks are available for dine-in only).  We do it all!  Put a little Italian in you....

    We deliver to your downtown area workplace.  We are affiliated with Waiter on the Way for all other deliveries - call 260-442-FOOD.

    We have a large selection of wines and domestic, specialty & foreign beers.

    We can cater your party or celebration.  Pastas, pizzas, sandwiches plus salad, breads and desserts.  Call or email for prices.  260-423-6706 or toscanipz@frontier.com.

Lunch Special (M-F):  A cheese Pizza-4-one with a soda $5.25. 

We accept reservations. Call ahead. Reservations are recommended on weekends or for parties over 4.

Call for current prices. 260-423-6706

Beers - domestic, specialty or imports.   Wine - white or red.



Antipasti plate – filled with imported Italian meats, cheeses & vegetables.  Served with     our creamy Italian cottage cheese.                          Small or Large platter.

 Garlic bread - buttery, garlic melts in your mouth.                  

 Bread sticks - topped with grated parmesan cheese & parsley.  Served with melted cheese.       

 Bruschetta – 3 slices of bread topped with tomatoes, garlic, olive oil, & pepper flakes.                      

 Mozzarella sticks –5 sticks battered and baked.  Served with your choice of marinara or BBQ sauce.       

 Spinach Dip – served with baked bread chips. (pictured above)      

Hot Sandwiches      All of our sandwiches are served with chips.

    The Hugo - our house specialty.  Baked with ham, capicollo,salami,  lettuce/cabbage mix, cheeses, onion & our homemade special sauce.           ½ / full 


   Italian Grinder – mortadella, ham & salami baked with  cheese, then topped             with lettuce, tomato & Italian dressing.                                                ½ / full   

    Stromboli - sausage, onion and green pepper, topped & baked with our pizza &    special cheese blend.                                                                         ½ / full        

    Meatball - meatballs simmered in a tomato sauce, then topped our special &        cheese blend, onions and peppers.                                                      ½ / full       

    NEW! Veggie Grinder – mushroom, onion, green peppers, spinach, tomato,             with provolone cheese. Served on ciabatta bread.                                  ½ / full 

    Ham & Cheese – shaved ham & mozzarella cheese, baked & topped with a lettuce/cabbage mix & our homemade special sauce.                            ½ / full 

    Italian Roast Beef – piled high with shaved roast beef; served with green                  peppers & onion.   

 Soups  Cup or Bowl

    Minestrone - daily  

    Plus, ask about our 2nd daily soup.  

We make our own dough daily.  Come taste the difference.

Sausage  rolls     

 Our homemade pizza dough filled with sausage, pizza sauce & cheese. OR choose a pepperoni or vegetable roll (mushroom, onion, gr.pepper, gr.olives, tomatoes).  

      2 sizes           Regular or Bambino    

Our sausage rolls have been voted “largest in Fort Wayne”.   Our rolls take a while to bake – be patient; they are worth the wait!           



       An 8 inch pizza made just 4 you!                                    

Toscani Pizza Pies    Choose your size and add your favorite toppings.  

                                Med          Lg             xLg

                                    Cheese only or Add Toppings         

  Toppings:  Pepperoni * Sausage * Ground Beef  * Bacon * Ham * Capicollo * Salami *
                  Mushroom * Onion * Tomatoes * Green Peppers * Jalapeno peppers *                   Black olives * Green olives * Anchovies * Pineapple * Extra Cheese

Deluxe-pepperoni, sausage, mushroom,onion,gr.olive,gr.pepper.

 Specialty pizzas      

                                Med         Lg          xLg   

   Sweet Hand-pinched Sausage Pizza -  one of our most popular!                    

   Meatball Pizza – thinly sliced meatballs.                       

   Chicken BBQ - marinated chicken, BBQ sauce and onion

   Chicken Florentine – alfredo sauce topped with grilled chicken, spinach &  fresh mushroom.

   Vegetanno – starts with ranch dressing, topped with tomatoes, white onion and green olives 
           Not a vegetarian? - Add chicken.              

             --- Our dough is made fresh daily in the Toscani kitchen ---

Pastas - Home of the real Toscani pastas!  

Delicious pastas are served with a mini house salad & breadsticks. Your choice of marinara or alfredo sauce.

    Saccotino, Cheese Manicotti, or Lasagna          

    Ravioli:  Cheese, Florentine, Portabella or Lobster                              

    Spaghetti (meatballs or meat sauce)            


 House and spring salads.

  Dressings: House, Italian, French, Ranch (lite or regular) Bacon-Tomato, Honey Mustard, Bleu Cheese, Thousand Island.  Large salad includes 2 breadsticks.

  House Salad - leaf lettuce topped with red onions, grated parmesan cheese, croutons and our house dressing.                                         Mini     Sm     Lg

  Spring Salad – mandarin oranges, strawberries & pecans atop a bed of lettuce, drizzled with raspberry vinaigrette dressing.

  Capo Cuoco Salad - leaf lettuce topped with sliced pepperoni, ham, black olives, tomato, grated cheese blend & parmesan cheese.                                                   

  Grilled Pollo Salad - leaf lettuce topped with marinated chicken, green onions, mushrooms & grated cheddar/monterey cheeses.                                    

  Italian Cottage Cheese – creamy&delicious. Prepared with our own recipe.

  Caesar Salad – leaf lettuce tossed with a creamy  caesar dressing; topped with croutons & parmesan cheese.                                Sm      Lg 

  Black ‘n Bleu Salad – grilled steak served on lettuce with green onions, mushrooms & bleu cheese crumbles.                                                                              

     Coca Cola Products - fountain

     Coffee, Tea, Ice Tea                         

     Bottled Water     


         Hot Fudge Volcano     
   Assorted Cheesecakes 

 Downtown Fort Wayne dining at its best!

Downtown Fort Wayne!